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Uruguay - Eduardo Fabini

Eduardo Fabini was a composer and violinist born in Solis de Mataojo, Uruguay on May 18, 1882. He is known as the one who helped shape and create the style of music in Uruguay. Fabini began his musical career by studying violin at the Conservatorio Musical La Lira in Montevideo. Fabini then traveled to Europe and attended the Brussels Conservatory from 1900-1903.

While at the Brussels Conservatory, Fabini continued to study violin under the instruction of Cesar Thomson. Also, while at the Brussels Conservatory, Fabini began to officially study composition under the instruction of August de Boeck. After completing his tenure at the Brussels Conservatory, Fabini was awarded the first prize in violin and then returned to Uruguay in 1903. He held concerts in Europe, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay.

In 1907 Fabini co-founds the National Music Conservatory of Uruguay. In 1910 Fabini joined the Asociación Uruguaya de Musica de Camara. Fabini then teamed up with two other Uruguayan composers, Alfonso Broqua and Luis Cluzeau-Mortet, and founded a new nationalist style of music in Uruguay. This new style is best known by Fabini’s symphonic poem “Campo (1913)” and was executed in public in Montevideo on April 29, 1922.

In 1927 Fabini is appointed Artistic Attache of the Embassy of Uruguay in the United States. He died on May 17, 1950 in Montevideo, Uruguay a day before his 68th birthday.


List of Works

Campo (1922)
Estudio Arpegiado - Performer: Irma Ametrano (Piano). Written: Brussels, Belgium
Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra (1929)
La Isla de los Ceibos (1924)
Las flores del campo (1900)
Mburucuya (1953)
Melgar Symphony (1931)
Tristes (1925)
Triste No. 1 – Performer: Irma Ametrano (Piano). Written: Uruguay
Triste No. 1 – Performer: Eduardo Fernandez (Guitar). Written: Uruguay. 3 Min 58 Sec
Triste No. 2

Choirs: A Mi River, La Flores Del Campo, The Arroyo neglected, The Ranch, Vision of the Road

Songs and Piano: Intermezzo, Scarlatinosa, Study Arpegiado

Violin and Piano: Tres Tristes

Guitar: Mozartina

Hymns: The Anthem at Sea, The Colorado Party Anthem, Song of the Naval Academy Del Uruguay

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